The Pigtini

The perfect drink for how I’m feeling just now ... Like a pig!

I absolutely love Tequila Rose and Percy Pigs, so i thought why not combine them in a drink?!

For all you parents out there with Percy Pig addicted children, or if you just don't fancy the sore head in the morning, this can me made into a Mocktail too.. 👶🏼

Follow the simple instructions below to make this delicious drink -

Add to a blender

4/5 Strawberries (Preferably fresh but frozen will also work)

2 Scoops of Vanilla Ice cream

1 Handful of Ice

1 Tablespoon of Percy Pig Dessert sauce

2 Shots of Tequila Rose (Optional)

Thoroughly blend the ingredients together until its a smooth thick consistency.

Decorate your martini glass with the Percy Pig Dessert sauce, pour and garnish with afew Percy Pig Sweets🍸🍓🐷

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